Hi I'm Jamie I'm a freshman in college and I've lost a butt plug in my ass before.


Occasionally I remember this video exists and it sums up so much of my experience of being dragged to resale stores with my mom


I think the best description I have ever made of Cecil’s voice was: “If it was a scent it would be sandalwood and dark chocolate with overtones of blood and ozone”


Human Organs Formed with Wild Plant Arrangements by Camila Carlow

UK-based, Guatemalan-born artist Camila Carlow was not deterred by the complexity of the human body when she was developing her series Eye Heart Spleen. For the project, she transformed a handful of normally grotesque, bloody organs into an array of greenery and beautiful blossoms.

Oh my goodness this is fantastic


guys, whatever you’re posting about, shut up and talk about these six seconds of pure beauty instead.



Old but good, check it out! This is a song by Lemon Demon back in 2006. The idea was to make a song entirely out of unrelated words that sound good together. 

The result was pure, unadulterated success.


the magic button

Watch as this kitten turns to putty.



leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women

They seriously fucking did holy shit.



Seven week old puppies playing with mommy.

mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! 

this is the best thing ever


why else would you need a jacket so big